Play safe and call in the experts in asbestos detection and removal

If you move into any business premises with your company it is essential that you make thorough checks prior to doing so. It is your responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all employees and any visitors whenever they are on site.

It’s no use looking to enhance trade and look to go larger if your new base could then set you back with possible business ending dangers hiding in the structure. This is why it is essential to give a shout to professionals in Perth asbestos removal.

It is worth having it checked out if its of a certain age as the substance was banned throughout Australia, including import and export from December 2003 after research revealed that it can cause several serious diseases, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer. All of which can lead to premature death, meaning that it is essential to remove it safely to secure the wellbeing of those who could be affected by inhaling the dust.

The material was once popular owing to its cost effectiveness in the construction industry in time gone by, but thankfully laws have been put in place which means that it is mandatory that the removal of asbestos is carried out by those who are compliant with the regulations under the WA code of practice and under the supervision of a qualified person.

The actual removal should always be left in the hands of a team with over twenty years of experience who will know the exact procedures after carrying out many instances of taking the asbestos away and then disposing of it carefully and safely so all further danger is extinguished.

It is necessary to implement detailed plans to ensure that the works are completed in the safest way possible, which professionals will be able to provide without any issues as they are required to carry a government license.

The ace team will arrive prepared to wear specialist safety equipment and will often use the highest calibre vacuums to remove asbestos from roofs, pipes, and boiler lagging. For those awkward locations, machinery can be mounted on mechanical hoists which saves time and money.

All businesses moving to a new location should make calling experts in asbestos one of their first priorities to see if there are traces of it in their premises. Should any asbestos be found, it needs to be removed immediately by a skilled team with government permission.