How to Spot a Faulty Countertop Installation

Quality countertops installation for a kitchen remodeling project always depends on how installers put them in place. For kitchen remodeling companies in Long Beach, homeowners must be aware of the early signs that countertop installation might be a failure through observation. This article discusses how to pinpoint a potentially faulty installation before it gets the finishing touches.

Choose your remodeling service provider well.

A faulty countertop installation can be costly. The countertop is a large surface, and a mistake in installation is very noticeable. For this reason, the quality of the building needs to be carefully selected. It pays to be extremely cautious when selecting a countertop installation service. One good company known for kitchen remodeling in Cypress is Mr. Cabinet Care.

See to it the seams are correctly filled

When a countertop is not installed correctly, it might break apart. A countertop with a prominent seam not filled correctly can cause irreparable damage. When this is not thoroughly checked, it may have cracks that are not visible after installation and cause such a situation.


Cracks in a countertop are another common symptom of faulty installation. They occur when the slab is not handled with care or under too much pressure during the installation. Often, the cracks will show up around the sink or island base. The cracks may ruin the overall look of your counter space.

Unlevel surfaces

An experienced countertop installation service will check every surface with a laser level. This tool will help the installation company identify surface imperfections and formulate a strategy to fix them. Before installation, the surface should also be thoroughly cleaned—free from dust and debris.

If you see any of these signs, ask for a discount. If you discover a minor defect after installation, you can ask the team to do the necessary repairs. Check out this infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care and get more ideas about countertop installation.

How to Spot a Faulty Countertop Installation